Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wednesday 6 Oct
Sorry here are 2 days up dates.
Tuesday 5 Oct (for Monday up date)
Hamish & Mitch spent 24 hrs on the Ninigo Is , they said it was very interesting and meet a family that invited them to there Isl for dinner, so people very friendly. They are now heading for Lorengau as it is a good size town and they hope to get fresh supplies. They hope to get there by lunch time tomorrow.
It was wet last night and is wet at the moment but they are sailing along so that should make up for it. They have been at sea one month now and have covered about 2700 miles. Their position is 1 207 S 145 19 E.
Wednesday 6 (for Tuesday up date)
They are now in Lorengau (got there lunch time Tuesday) and have know cleared in to PNG. The officials + Mitch who picked them up from shore in the dinghy got caught in a heavy down pour, but they got cleared no problem.
Hamish went ashore for shopping and also got new squid for fishing with, though they caught a small tuna on way.
They are now (afternoon there) about to head for Rabaul Island which should take them about 2 days as it’s about 300 miles they are sailing/motoring leaving New Britain to starboard.
Well they say very one is helpful & friendly so that's good to hear as one hears all sorts of stories some bad and some good; great that it seems the good ones are the ones to believe. More later

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