Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wednesday 13 October 2004
Here is 2 days report again.
Tuesday 12
I was on the phone when Hamish phoned so he left this message. A very rough crossing (glad I was not there) 15ft sea and water breaking over the bow of Seabiscuit (must be really rough) force 7 Not Fun. They are now tucked b hind Muwo in a good anchorage but still bumpy. Position 8 40 S 150 E .
Hamish spoke to friend in Oz, Jim Chambers, and the weather in the Coral sea is due to continue gale force and out of South , through to atleast next week . So new plan is to head for coast of PNG For some repairs Toilet fridge and Steering.

Hamish & Mitch glad to be out of Solomon Sea. They are off Ferguson Is and have been visited by people from the local village coming out to barter veg for toys washing up liquid and other stuff. Anchored in a Lagoon , but still 6 foot swell. They are heading for Tufi were there will be moorings diesel and they will be able to do some more of the repairs. The fridge has been fixed and I think the toilet, it is mainly the steering that need sorting out now.
Owing to the bad weather Hamish will have to leave the boat before they get to Oz and from Tufi Hamish will hopeful be able to get to Port Moresby and arrange flight to HK and then on to UK . Mitch will also be able from here to arrange for friends to help take Seabiscuit IV the rest of the way. They are looking forward to a more peaceful anchorage to catch up on sleep.

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