Sunday, October 03, 2004

Saturday 2 Oct.
Sorry this late had a few problems logging on the other day but to day it has worked.
Hamish & Mitch left Palau on Wednesday morning early to catch the tide, and plan was: Next leg is 875 miles so we should be in PNG about Tues - but I will phone on the way. We are considering not entering at Weewak - looks unattractive so may stick to
the islands off the coast - Lorengau island (Manus).
Thursday 30 Sept they were 210 Miles from Palau 4degrees 55 N 136degrees 51E (if you are plotting their route) they had an east flowing equatorial counter- current so were going along very nicely at 8-9 knot
There is change of plans they are now heading for Manus Is and then on to Cairns.
They caught 2 fish (the one that got away) Dolphin fish and a Sail fish that performed well before they let it go. Auto pilot working well.
Today s up date Sat 2 October 2004 got this morning, they are 1 9N `4` 25E 555 miles from Palau heading for Ninigo which is 200miles in front. They have showers around and sea is getting lumpy and not much wind and all is well.

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