Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Morning.

I ( Hamish) am back in Hong Kong. I left Mitch & the boat in Tufi on Friday as there was a seat on Fridays flight but probably not on Mondays (the flights are 3 days/week) So I stayed in Pt. Moresby Friday night and flew to Cairns & Hong Kong Saturday.

Tufi is dive resort in a fjord on Cape Nelson. It is well protected from the sea and SBIV is on a mooring just off the jetty. As I left Mitch was about to load 1000 litres of diesel and look at strengthening the mounting of the steering hydraulics - the wood has split and allows the cylinder to move which misaligns the shaft and causes binding. We noticed because the autopilot was struggling to move the wheel at times.

Flying over the Coral sea to Cairns it did not look so rough - but the surf on the Barrier Reef looked impressive. With the steering fixed and a couple of extra hands Mitch should be able to get from Tufi to Cairns in 4-5 days.

I will edit earlier posts and add pictures in the next few days and add more comment about the whole trip from HK to PNG.

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