Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday 8 October 2004
No up date yestureday Thursday, They are now moored in Rabaul Is, not anchored as holding was not good, sea floor is volcanic rock. They had good motor with some sailing in the moon light night.

The town is still only ½ rebuilt after last major volcanic eruption but they managed find some shops and got some supplies. One of the volcanos is still smoking so very dramatic. They are going to eat at the yacht club to night so that will make a change. Hamish off to look for a spare fuel filter as think they picked up bad fuel in HK of the fuel barges that supply for fishing boat.
They are going to stay here till Sat evening or Sunday morning. They are at there most Easterly point and will now be heading SW to Cairns which should take about a week. Will give more info on that route tomorrow (I do not so short hand).

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