Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday evening

We both wnet out for a dive trip today - first dive at the Blue Holes - not great as the surf was too big to go in from the top of the holes, visibility was lower than usual and when we tried to continue to Blue Corner the current was not cooperative.

After lunch however we went back to Blue corner itself and it was is great condition - just right current, lots of sharks, an eagle ray, Naploean wrasse - not 'Sweety' this time - baracudas . A good dive - photo below is Mitch looking over edge at Blue Corner.

And the spares package has arrived but Mitch is disputing the tax Palau Gov. wants to collect - but we will have it in the morning and test it out after we go to the dock for another 2000L + of diesel. We covered the 1800 miles from HK to Palau using about half our fuel - reconfirming the boats range is over 3500 miles.

A a Taxi driver came by the dive shop today with my credit card that had fallen from my pocket in his car as I was paying yesterday - a lucky day !

Wednesday morning high tide is 8am so we plan an early start to take the ebb tide out of the harbour.

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