Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Day of Achievements !

1. Mitch collected the autopilot without paying duty
2. It was exactly the same as the damaged unit so transfering the wires across was simple.
3. It worked exactly as the previous one - so we have a working autopilot.
4. We found that the problem with the saltwater pressure pump was a broken micro switch.
5. The Yamaha dealer nearby had a spare switch - an exact match.
6. The pump works again so we once again have flush water and salt to the sink.
7. We filled the fuel tanks buying 480 gallons of diesel.
8. We persuaded Quarantine Dept. to let us have our frozen meat today by promising not to cook it before we left Palau waters.
9. We did our shopping.
10. I think I solved the problem with the power to the back deck tripping the circuit breaker.

So we are ready to leave on the high tide tomorrow morning for the 875 miles to Weewak in Papua New Guinea. Should be there about Tuesday.

We will pass updates through phone to Pauline along the way.

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